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I have been forex trading manually for nearly 14 years with little success with constantly up and down results, I was looking for a regular income but I would be up one week and then down the next until one day on holiday in Tenerife I was having a beer with a friend who said to me Robots are the way forward now. This was when I decided to stop building websites and start making trading robots. The Robots on this site are my best out of many hundreds Ive made over the past years. I believe they are the safest and best robots available anywhere today. I offer free trials for anyone interested, I have only been using them this past year myself as I am just like everyone else I don't like losing money. Once you try them and see how unreal they are I rent them out for as little as £10 a week and this comes out of the profit the robot makes for you. Try them..

Distance trader is very popular robot, the reason for this is it makes good profit with a very little amount of funds required in your account, It places low value trades keeping the margins down.

Supertrader This robot places small buys & sells at the begining then makes more substantial trades later on to keep the robot from getting into trouble, these trade are pending distances from the previous trade, Try it!

Supreme This robot is my favorite, I makes a lot more money than other robots and also handles big moves in the market, It works on maths calculations keeping the target line always near by then places the big gun trade right on time and now it's been improved to make it even better and safer.

Distance Trader 3 This robot is very similar to Supertrader, it has a stop loss and a maximun of 8 trades, the idea is that it keeps out of trouble so you should be very unlucky to see the 8th trade, well worth trying!..

Aramis This robot is a remake or Aramis 1, with more trades than Aramis 1.It makes less money but you can run it with a medium account balance, this will suit a lot of people, lets hope it tests well.

Searcher This Robot trades extreme distances from the 5 ema, it also looks for gaps between the candle and the 5 ema. Account size can be as little as £250 and as high as you like making this an ideal Robot for compounding up your profits into a great safe investment, you have to be patient though it choses it's trades.
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